Fun and Colorful Ombre Hair!

42955c3e4fe92e58f30d5623469df062When Jared Leto took to the red carpet with his shoulder length locks of ombre hair, everyone took notice of this fashion moment! Not only did he take home an Oscar, but he also set a great hot fashion trend in hair. Ombre hair is nothing new, but it has had a wonderful resurgence of energy since the red carpet season. Any color, style, and any way you want it. This is the rule to ombre hair. It is meant to be fun and colorful. The basic fashion of ombre hair is a color that fades or bleeds into another different color. This can be a natural hair color that fades or bleeds into a fun color, such as pink or blue. When choosing to do an ombre look, think about why choosing to do it or what you do in career and everyday activities. There are different ways to do ombre, choosing a permanent or a semi-permanent color, the choice is yours. Choosing a color that is a little wild can be fun, but it may better to go with semi-permanent. Choosing a color that is a little tamer, such as Jared Leto has done, can be better for a permanent color.

Knowing that a black hair color that bleeds into a neon pink may be great for the weekend, may not be the best choice when it comes Monday morning at work. Do what is comfortable for you when it comes to ombre hair. Have fun and enjoy the colors!

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