Gifts Are Meant To Be Shared

You were given special talents to serve those around you

You were given special talents to serve those around you

When most people think of gifts, they think of pretty packages with bows and ribbons. However, the most precious gifts actually come from within the people who have them, ready to burst forth and be shared. Each person is uniquely gifted—whether it’s being able to empathize with others, always offering words of kindness, or serving others in need. These are only a handful of ways women can use their abilities to better the lives of others.

Using your gifts to serve others not only helps them; it also helps you shine more brightly and be a light to those in need. You possess your special qualities for a specific purpose. Those gifts were not meant to be hidden, but to be spread and shared with those you encounter from day to day.

Though not every talent you possess will be used every moment of every day—it’s not logical to think that you can be everything to everyone all of the time—it will provide you with a feeling of warmth when you share what you’ve been given with others around you.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to discern how you can best share your gifts, but oftentimes, you will come across unexpected opportunities where you will just know that you were put in the right place at the right time to be that light in that moment. Perhaps a friend comes to you with a problem, and you’re able to offer her comfort and a listening ear. Maybe you’re able to give a coworker a ride to work who is temporarily without transportation. Perhaps you notice a friend has been down lately and you’re able to take some time out of your day to make her a sweet card or treat her to a coffee. Sometimes, you are even able to notice when someone needs nothing more than a simple hug.

The Bible reminds us of this in 1 Peter 4:10: “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”

Those talents you’ve been given can also be used on a daily basis in your career. Whether you are a teacher, accountant, police officer, waitress, CEO of a major company, manager at a small company, or barista, you can use what you’ve been given to serve others and to shine more brightly where you’ve been planted. How willing are you to use those gifts to serve others rather than simply to serve yourself?

Gifts come in many forms and sizes, but that doesn’t mean that one is more important than another. People who provide people with physical healing are just as important as those who are able to make people laugh, offering emotional therapy. No gift is too big or too small to be used, so don’t feel as if one of your talents is insignificant in any way. You have that gift for a reason, and you are encouraged to use it as best you can.

You are wonderfully and uniquely made, and you are wonderfully and uniquely gifted. The sooner you realize just how impactful your gifts truly are when you use them to serve others, the sooner you will let your light shine for the whole world to see. Shine bright!