Give Thanks This Fall for the Beauty That Is Uniquely YOU!

Helpful & healthy tips to highlight the special features that make every woman feel her most beautiful

Helpful & healthy tips to highlight the special features that make every woman feel her most beautiful

Women often complain about the way they look. Try taking time to focus on the beauty of the features that make you, you. Eyes: The first thing to draw people in are the eyes, which are the best way to make a first impression. According to Proctor & Gamble, which serves nearly five billion people with its various products, beauty and grooming tools are essential in feeling good and knowing how to take care of the skin properly.

Pump up the Volume: Whether you like natural or artificial lashes, there is a style suited for everyone. Using this three-step process, get ready to wow family and friends at Thanksgiving dinner. First, use an eyelash curler before applying mascara to lengthen the lashes. Then, add your favorite mascara to give definition to those peepers. Finally, repeat with another coat of mascara immediately after so that no clumps develop.

Clean Lines Always Win: Eyeliner comes in various shades other than classic black or traditional brown. For a dramatic effect and to draw attention to this feature, try a cat eye, colored eyeliner along the bottom lashes, or a dark, smoky kohl to line the eyes for a more severe look.

Be Playful, and Experiment with Eye Shadow: A fun way to play up those gorgeous peepers is to try different colors and shades until you find the right one that complements your eye color. Eye color kits—which come in smoky, natural, or even glamour—are also great for creating signature looks.

Eyebrows: There is always the question of whether to tweeze, or wax, or leave your brows thick, or thin them out. No one way is the right way, which is why featuring eyebrows as the main beauty mark can make a statement.

Wax on, Wax off: The idea of something quick, easy, and with very little pain is why many ladies choose to wax their eyebrows. Whether it’s done at the salon or the do-it-yourself route, using wax to give shape and definition to brows is usually the first choice. It is recommended that first-time users go the salon for this particular technique so as not to be overwhelmed with getting the perfect brow.

To Pluck or Not To Pluck: An alternative to wax for anyone who may be leery or not ready to commit to bi-weekly trips to the salon can use tweezing as her preferred method. Make sure to use a good pair of tweezers with a firm grip, witch hazel to combat any itching or irritation, and a pencil to guide for straight lines.

Lips—Pucker-Up, and Blow a Kiss: Creating and defining a line is key to a perfect pout—by using a neutral or even-colored lip liner, the natural shape of your lip can be defined and help you avoid mistakes. Add a bit of color to brighten up your smile or glam up your date-night look. Choose a favorite lip color, stain, or gloss, like Cover Girl Outlast Double LipShine. Plump lips are great, but what about those not born with them? Fake it like the pros with a lip gloss that also doubles as a lip plumper and gives you that wonderful pout.

Where makeup tools and products are stored plays a major role in highlighting those facial features that make any woman feel special.

According to Dr. Debra Jaliman, a New York dermatologist, makeup brushes can last for years as long as they’re washed every two weeks and stored properly. Use lukewarm water with mild shampoo or brush cleaner. After gently washing, lay brushes flat on the edge of the counter or on a clean towel to dry. Makeup such as mascara, eye liner, eyebrow pencils, and eye shadow should all be used within six months to two years of opening to avoid any irritation or possible bacterial infections.

Remembering to keep these tips handy will help to preserve that beauty feature that makes you stand out, shine, and give thanks for feeling confident to flaunt what you’ve got.