Haute in the Heat

Haute in the Heat

Haute in the Heat

Five hot summer looks that will keep you cool The summer heat is raging! Our longest days are numbered and you deserve to enjoy the last looks of the season. In this sweltering summertime sauna, let us find stylish ways to beat the heat and feel as cool as we possibly can.

1. Cool Cottons

If you wish to stay as sweat-free as possible, avoid synthetic fabrics such as polyester or spandex. You will surely suffocate your skin in these cotton counterfeits. Cotton is a breathable fabric so you will stay naturally cool in any garment made of these fibers. Synthetics will stick to your body and hold in all of your heat. If you don’t want a swampy bottom, steer clear of that synthetic stunner, you hottie, you.

2. Flowy Frocks

Take off your pants… and keep your bits breezy! Pop on a muu muu and call it a day. The smartest sartorial choice for summer is a dress of any sort. A shorty frock or an elongated maxi (just make sure it’s cotton) will set you free. If you know you will be seated for a long period of time, make certain to be cognizant of your color choice. A colorful dress is only fun until someone stands up to sweat marks from the buttocks area. Don’t act shocked. It happens to the best of us.

3. Linen is the Lightest

Even if you’re wearing cotton, you may still feel set ablaze! Now it’s time for some cotton family approval. Newly-found cotton kid, meet linen! It is the lightest of all cotton varieties. Welcome to the club of linen lovers--a wrinkle-free society. We embrace the creasing factor of this fantastical fabric because that is the beauty of linen! Stop avoiding it or trying to press the life out of it. Don’t stifle your skirt. Wrap yourself in rumples and remain refreshed. 4. Pin Your Pony

A definite do is an up-do! Pull it up and pin it back. You won’t have to worry about a hot, frizzy mess of a mane. Part it down the middle and slick it into a low bun for a chic hair makeover. For a wet look, use coconut oil. Not only will this keep your fly-aways far away, it will also bring deep condition to your hair while you dehydrate your body on mango margaritas. It’s all a balance. Take it up in a curly high pony after you have scrunched it with some grooming crème. Whatever you do, don’t attempt to wear it down and expect to remain looking pristine. It’s like a fur coat on your neck. Frizzy fuzz is out. Bare neck is in.

5. Hand Fan-tastic!

Let’s bring back the hand fan! Hand fans are fashionable and functional. They are a cute accessory with any ensemble and will help ward off the glisten. Hand fans are inexpensive and tuck easily in any purse. When you feel that first bead of sweat trickle down your temple, just pull out your trusty fan. People will surely be jealous of your heat savvy and sarcastically say, “Oh, you’re so fancy!” Well, yes, you are, but you are also staying dry while they are turning into a melted mess.