Shine Bright in the Fall

Make dreary weather fun and playful by bringing color into your everyday look.

Make dreary weather fun and playful by bringing color into your everyday look.

Fall may bring darker colors to leaves and various décor, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to follow suit. A basic staple of fall is neutral colors and tones such as brown, orange, tan, and beige. We use these familiar colors to transition into fall and show a warmer side of our wardrobes this season. A good way to break out of the monotony is slowly to introduce color into your everyday style by wearing a bold and bright shade of lipstick. Fuchsia and dark berries are the trending colors of choice this season. If lipstick is not your cup of tea, try lip glosses, lip stains, or tinted lip balm.

Bright color can also appear in the form of metallic eye shadow. Flecks of gold and glitter, as well as silver and shimmer, make the eyes pop and give definition to eye color. Whether it's in the corners of the eye or an all-over application, using metallic in your routine is sure to turn heads. Applying the shadow heavily is the bold way to go for a dramatic effect and step out of the box. Chic, minimalistic do-it-yourself nails are making a splash on the runways, showing that nail art is still alive. Bold and monotone colors like blood, rose gold, and maroon are taking over for intricate artwork.

Step out of the ordinary, and pull your hair up into a ponytail or two. Runways were filled with different variations on this beloved classic. Triple ponytails, twists, and bubbles make interesting styles and neat ways to stand out in the crowd to make an emphatic statement. Make bold moves with eye-catching and bright accessories, such as thick headbands, scarves, bows, and barrettes. A cute mix of different styles will give a dramatic and fun look to any outfit this season.

Another trending hairstyle is the classic braid. Modern twists to this favorite are the fishtail style in conjunction with a half-up ‘do for a casual or classy occasion. Braided bangs aided by ample amounts of hair product gives straight, loose hair a more sophisticated but edgy look. The side braid—another popular favorite—gets an upgrade by starting at the top of the hair in the front and wrapping around to the back for a beautiful woven style to end on the side.

Pops of color are what fall is for before the cold of winter shows its face. Light blue, lilac, greens, and other fun, bright colors are wonderful ways to make your eyes stand out and say “Hi.” Two-tone, color contrast, and distinct shapes are the looks to try to shine your brightest. For those who like their pops of color in other areas, pastel hair is making a splash onto the scene. Instead of coloring the entire head, highlights, streaks, and patches are making strides on the runway.

Whether playing up the eyes, lips, hair, or nails, choose your favorite feature and rock out with bold pops of color to bring in fall's cool air and warm clothes.