Style Rules for Spring


Spring fashion is always fun because it seems as if the world comes alive. From ruffles to dashes of brilliant color, we begin to live our lives with great joy. This year is no different as we look to the playful energy surrounding the year’s hot trends.

We will see a revival of gingham, feminine hues of pink that dazzle the eye and retro wanderlust brilliance. This spring is really all about having fun with fashion. No matter your shape or size, this is the season to bring back the excitement you may have lost.

I know the feeling well! You go to your closet and feel like you are just exhausted before you even get dressed because it feels like you wear the same thing day after day. Today we are changing that because your happiness depends on it. From here on out it’s time to live it up every time you step to your closet.

Here are three rules to help you overcome your style rut and embrace the excitement of dressing your best this spring:

  1. Amp up your accessories.

Great stores like Wal-Mart, Target and Forever 21 can help you refresh your accessory collection while on a budget.

  1. Have fun with your sunnies.

Rocking sunglasses that showcase your personality is a great way to express yourself! Try ASOS, AJ Morgan Eyewear and Macy’s for great sunglasses you will love.

  1. Shop somewhere different.

Part of what gets us in trouble and in style ruts is never trying anything new. Check out White House Black Market’s collaboration with Colbie Calliat.