The Hunt for Amazing Skin & Hair Products Ends


With the explosion in care products for the unique and varying textures, it can sometimes be confusing knowing what to buy. It took me years to find the best regimen for my skin and hair. I have finally found a product that combines both sentiments of natural oil and hydration formula combinations for my hair and skin. Oilmi Beauty is the best of both worlds; with hair & body oils that help with dryness of scalp and smooth conditioners that rejuvenate my scalp, Oilmi Beauty has proven to be consistent in use and results.

A mom-and-pop brand, Oilmi Beauty owner, Tiffany Jones gave us the run-down on the creation of such an amazing line!

What inspired the creation of Oilmi Beauty?

The company is owned and operated by myself. I have worked in Personal Care for over 14 years. I decided a couple of years ago that I did not see enough diverse care products and decided to create a brand based on the most common issue that consumers have with their hair; dryness and moisture.  I wanted to create products with no gimmicks that would simply work. 

What are some of your favorite products to use for the Summer/Fall?

The oil is one of my favorite products as well as the conditioner. These two are very popular with most of our consumers. 

Who is the Oilmi Beauty woman? Are the products versatile in use?

The Oilmi Beauty woman is an ethic and culturally diverse women, which consist of African American, Asian, Latino, or any variation of the mix. They are looking to maintain healthy hair while still looking good and not paying for over priced products that do not work. 

All the products are versatile and can stand alone. 

What are some secrets you can tell us about how to best use the products?

Always use the hair and body oil not just a finisher but to moisturize your body and cuticles. The combination of the shampoo and conditioner will cleanse your hair and provide moisture and body to your hair. The grease is not a traditional grease but rather hair food made with Shea Butter. This provides nutrients to the scalp. In fact the entire line is made with Shea Butter and avocado. Some of the most natural items you can find; if maintaining healthy hair is your goal the products are for you. 

You can grab your Oilmi Beauty finds at!