Dollybird Dresses

Dollybird 1They’re simple, sweet, and add a sprinkle of subtle. With a slight splash of something sexy, dollybird dresses give you everything you need and more for the season, ladies! Dollybird dresses are your ace in the hole on those days when you just don’t have time to work with the separates. Dollybird 2Now for those that don’t know, a dollybird is basically a term for an attractive, young woman; one that someone sees as fun, flirty, and lady-like. Now just add all of these terms to a type of dress and boom! You have a dollybird dress. To make it even more simplistic, I like to think of dollybird dresses as the baby doll dresses of the season. They have many of the same characteristics when you really look at them. Regardless, these dresses work for everyone!

Dollybird 3Louis Vuitton did an amazing job of presenting this trend on the runway for fall 2014. The original dollybird dresses were everything from psychedelic to metallic; the runway trend I spotted this time around was very toned down. Neutral and fall colors, blacks, whites, and the up and coming 60s prints are what I’d advise. They do look good on all of us, after all. Dress it up with a nice pair of fall boots, maybe a hat, and of course your accessories of choice, and you’ll be looking fabulous in no time. Rock it out doll!