All White Everything


The ever so breath-taking Lisa Raye has rocked this simple signature of hers for years, and it has finally made its way to mainstream for the summer of 2014. The all-white look has become a personal favorite for many and it is sure to be the new norm for this summer! The all-white look is timeless, classy, chic and all around breathtaking. It’s genius! While I’m all for trends, new looks and innovative styles, all white is a style that can be classified as versatile and flattering all at the same time.

Versatility doesn’t even begin to explain the “all-white everything” look. No matter what occasion you’re preparing for, no matter the event you have to attend, an all-white ensemble will always steer you in the right direction. All-white ensembles give you a clean slate with which you can splash with a pop of color, pattern, texture or shine of your liking.

If you want to mix in hints of floral, go for it! If you feel a splash of red on your lips makes your look an A+, splash away! If tying a printed scarf in your hair brightens up your look, use it! The possibilities are endless.

Make all white your own with literally little to no effort and look phenomenal while doing so! Whether it’s pants, maxis or swimsuits, shoes, sun hats or blouses, how you jazz it up is up to you! No matter how you splash it, accent it or bedazzle it, you’re sure to wow everyone you come in contact with!