Clean up Your Wardrobe to Reflect Your Personality

Let the things you wear show the world who you really are
Let the things you wear show the world who you really are

You might not always think of clothing as being a key component in your identity, but what you where often reflects the person you are. Who are you? While it sounds like a pretty straightforward question, to most people it can be a challenge, and they have no idea where to begin to find the answer. What most individuals don’t know is that your answer starts with how you show up in the world on a daily basis. Now mentally ask this question: “Am I reflecting my true value, personality, and mission?” If your answer is no, chances are you haven’t tapped into your inner-self or created a personal style.

Personal style is a form of self-expression that showcases your best qualities so that you can conquer the world or at least the workplace. Having a wardrobe seasoned with the essence of you positions you to stand out, accelerate success, and attract the right opportunities or people into your atmosphere. Defining your style has perks, such as saving time and money and nailing your looks each time you get dressed.

You can clean up your wardrobe to reflect your personality in three simple steps.

Step 1: Inspiration

What inspires you? Start by identifying your favorite hobbies, fashionistas you admire, magazine subscriptions you have, entertainers you love, and the shows you watch.

After you’ve penned them down, determine what the common thread is between them all.

Step 2: Inner Style Personality

Describing your TRUE personality in five adjectives—not the watered-down version of you when you’re at a company meeting but who you are when you kick off your shoes in the presence of the people who truly know you. Now decide which of the following category (or you may choose multiple) best reflects you:

Bohemian – Casual, laid-back hippie or looks from the 70s

Rocker – Edgy, sprinkled with glam and grunge

Classic Sophistication – Timeless looks that don’t go out of style; traditional, romantic, most often tailored

Avant-Garde – Pushing boundaries, innovative, provocative, and really not caring what others think

Preppy – Young, clean, classic, and neat

Step 3: Re-Style Your Wardrobe

Define your Style! Organize. Select articles of clothing in your wardrobe that look great on you and represent your inspiration and Inner Style Personality. Give away the clothes that don’t serve you or your new style. Add life to your wardrobe by adding signature and basic pieces that support the strongest part of your personality.

P.S. Accessorizing plays a huge role in enhancing basic looks.

Don’t be afraid to intertwine different styles that speak to you—then unveil your new look, and rock it out.