Getting Back to the Basics Essentials that grab our attention

Basics that turn heads Let’s face it. Neutrals and basics have and will always be the essentials that keep our wardrobe afloat. No matter how much praise we give to prints, patterns and color-block combos, we will always look to our neutrals and basics to pull the final look together.

These classics are the foundation of a wardrobe. They are our light source. They give us style direction when our closets look rather dark and incapable of producing a phenomenal outfit.

While many women depend on these pieces, they are not exactly what send us over the moon and back when it comes to summer shopping and styling. Basics and neutrals routinely have a seasonal reputation of being simple and mundane when it’s warm out. Nevertheless, they can be just as eye catching and interesting as brights and prints. It’s time we turn up the heat and spice things up a bit when it comes to our basics and neutrals.

1. Remain feminine and sleek. Look for clean lines and touches of detailed craftsmanship when purchasing your basic garment of choice. 2. Show some skin. Choose basics that reveal your summer glow that the sun has blessed with you. 3. Exude sex appeal. Opt for form-fitting basics to frame your bodacious silhouette. 4. Get trendy. Sport the latest trends in basics and neutrals, such as rompers and pant jumpsuits.

back to basic
back to basic

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