Spring Trend Safeguards

Hope has five trends for you to add into your wardrobe.
Hope has five trends for you to add into your wardrobe.

A slew of trendy looks are blooming all around us. It can be intoxicating—a whole new season, a whole new you. But some of these trends should be exercised with caution. You can play with some of spring’s best and brightest clothing, while ensuring you don’t step out of bounds. 1. Wide ankle strap heels – Wide ankle strap heels are sexy when worked in the right way. However, make sure this trend works with your body type. If your legs are on the shorter side, steer clear, as this trend can truncate your leg line. Be mindful of the hemlines with these, as well. Keep it above the knee to avoid making your ensemble bottom-heavy.

2. Colored suede – Colorful, springy suede is hot this season—both figuratively and literally, since leather, of course, is not a breathable fabric. Don’t end up a sweaty mess in the name of fashion. It’s best to use this look sparingly when there is still a bit of a chill in the air. Light leathers are great for breezy, spring nights.

3. Thigh-high slits – “Easy does it” is the mantra here. Most importantly, know your audience! This trend is great for a night out on the town, especially when paired with a solid sheer blouse, a statement necklace, shimmery bare legs and some killer structured heels. But it’s best to leave this trend at home when heading into the office. A modest slit on a pencil skirt works fine for business, but this high-rising trend does not keep modesty top of mind.

4. Novelty prints – Keep an eye out for this pouty trend in clothing prints. Lip prints will be widely seen this season among a sea of cute, colorful and kitschy designs. Open your mind to stepping out of your solid-color comfort zone, but proceed with caution. Don’t let this trend wear you. Stay in control of the possibility of this overwhelming apparel with understated ensemble pairings. A solid black piece is always a winner with one busy printed piece. Keep it sassy, but classy.

5. Gingham – Be oh so cautious with your selection of this poppy plaid. You don’t want to end up looking un-chic, as if you just wrapped yourself in the tablecloth from your park picnic table. It’s best to avoid primary colors here. Opt for softer shades. Pastel plaids are a safe bet, and gingham in any muted neutral shade is sure to be super chic.