Fashions to Try on for Size and Those to Stay Away From

Summer fashion trends critiqued and reviewed to flatter you Trepidations TrendsWith every new season comes trends that rise to the surface in our vast fashion ocean. This season, let’s review the looks we should race to rescue, the fads we should let drift our way, and the trends we should sling to the sharks.

Fearless Fashions: Fashion trends that we should embrace fully and try out with reckless abandon.

Flat Sandals. Michael Kors has bestowed his wisdom upon us and let us know that we should not be wearing our flip-flops unless we are at the beach. I agree. Let’s step up our sandal game and make certain that we have a back strap if there is a thong front. Let us vow to put our Havaianas away unless we are lounging seaside. If you are typically afraid of using color in your wardrobe, use a bright sandal for a colorful pop!

All White. Do it. You will look like an angel. However, stay away from barbeque and opt for a white sangria. An all-white ensemble is beautiful, but it must remain pristine. Mixing a flowing top with white jeans adds structure. A white collared shirt and light printed shorts works for day or night, depending on the accessories and footwear. Play around with different options and rely on jewelry and a bright lipstick to carry your look through.

Hats. Hats are back! Wear them with anything your heart desires. No worries if an establishment is without a hat rack. Your patronage will not be turned down if you leave your head ornament on when you dine. Be fearless and wear it with confidence. As Frank Sinatra so fiercely put it, “Cock your hat – angles are attitudes.”

Trend Trepidations: Trends that we should be cautious with. It takes a faultless frock to flatter your body type in order to pull these fashions off with ease and grace.

Crop Tops. This time around, we are seeing this look paired with high-waisted skirts or pants, which gives this silhouette a touch of class. Not everyone can get away with this look, though you do not need washboard abs to do so. Keep it simple and clean. A solid color with statement jewelry always looks nice. Just make certain that we cannot see your belly button. That would be crossing the line, or hole, rather.

Tap Shoe flats. Well, don’t you just look like a happy tapper? Be careful with this variety of footwear, though. While you may like the idea of this shoe, it may not work for you. This flat shoe rises above your instep and can cut off your leg line unless paired with the right britches. This look can go very well with a long skirt and an easygoing tank top with a long necklace.

Long shorts. We are seeing these paired with tap shoe flats. This look is challenging to pull off unless you are long and lean. Instead, go for a nice bright sandal or wedge if you want to dress them up. A tunic or long tank will pair nicely and may cover any problem areas you may wish to conceal, while still pulling this look off swimmingly well.

Apparel Abstinence: The act of abstaining from fashion trends that will never work unless you are a fashion model in an editorial spread.

Overalls. Are you 6? Are you a farmer? If you answered no to either of these inquiries, then don’t touch them. You will try for the entire season to find a “cute” pair that work with your frame. Trust me, your body is not the problem; it’s the overalls. Put them down and move on. Your time is precious. Don’t waste one more second on this impossible hunt.

High-waisted shorts. Please, no. You are wearing mom jeans, which have been cut off. Your pockets and butt cheeks may be visible. The only time that your butt cheeks are to be visible is when you are donning a bathing suit--end of story. If you go for the longer variety, chances are they are pleated. Why would you want to add volume to this area of your body? Stay away from this trend. Your men will thank you.

Accessorizing your swimwear. A tasteful necklace, studs or small bangle will suffice. No need to go Overboard a la Goldie Hawn in the mid-eighties. A giant hat, huge hoop earrings, a girthy cuff and stilettos are much too much unless you are shooting an editorial, darling. If you can’t get in the water, then nobody will want to play with you anyhow. You may look fabulous, but you’ll surely look lonely.