Summer Hair is FAB Hair

Summer hair is so much fun! I love it because at any length, your hair can be fabulous! This article is all about helping you create a gorgeous up do in under seven minutes. You can really wear this style for any occasion. It is a great go-to for my clients that want to look elegant and don’t have a lot of time to get ready.

I also love headbands! This style is great because you can add a headband to create a pop of color or add visual texture pop for your outfit. If you are going to a gala, you can also rock this hairstyle with an elegant dress without feeling stressed about the time.

You Will Need:

  • Comb

  • Hairspray

  • Bobby Pins

Twisty Braided Side Chignon:


You can see on the gorgeous red head that I added some braided pieces into the mix. On the beautiful blonde, I added twisting. Always remember to focus at least three of your twisted sections by or near your ear.

  1. Section out a large piece of hair by the opposite ear of where you want the chignon to sit. You can let this piece either be a flat piece or the start of your braided component.

  2. Pull that piece to the other side of your head, about even with the top of your other ear, approximately 1.5 inches away so that you have space to add the other pieces in. Bobby pin each piece as you add it.

  3. Split off segments no larger than 1 inch a piece, and pin them in the same area as you move across the nape of the neck. If you are braiding, take the braided section only to the middle of the head.

  4. Use your hairspray and comb to tease your bangs a little. Pull a portion of hair close to the front of your ear that you have been pinning by or closest you to your bang that is 1 inch length wise. Meet the other pinned sections and pin it with the bobby pin.

  5. Begin twisting and pinning. I twirl the hair around with my finger, bobby pin it and then lightly spray it with hair spray. Remember to move your pinned sections downward and forward so that you can create movement.

  6. Have fun rocking your fabulous summer Twisty Braided Side Chignon!