Must-have’s You Need in Your Closet


Get ready for Spring by clearing out your closet and making room for new must-have’s! In a ruthless closet overhaul, get rid of the things you don’t like, that don’t fit, or never wear. You might find you already have much of what it takes to be a fashion forward maven. This Spring it’s not about solids— it’s about how you put colors together in what David Shah, editor and publisher of “Pantone View Colour Planner” that forecasts color trends, calls “Accidental Colors” Colors that don’t seem to go together. For example, if you are a brave sort, you can wear “AccidentalPatterns”…A faux fur jacket in ‘Prince’ purple over a print dress. The trend this Spring is big on unexpected combinations.

Before you rush out to buy the latest trend, make a list of what you love to wear — Do you love clothing precision or oversized comfort? What are your favorite go-to colors? Choose from this spring’s fashion trends to fit your personality and lifestyle. It could be…

  1. Pink
  2. Chic Plastic & Rubber
  3. Silver or Gold Lamé
  4. Denim
  5. Polka dots, checks, plaids (bold to subtle)
  6. Shoulder pads and padded jackets. (Think 80’s)
  7. T-shirts that tell a story.
  8. Tidy working Girl

Remember, accessories can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Check out fabulous spring colored patent pumps in pink, yellow, turquoise, even lime green. And, don’t forget that a show-stopping coat can be the best accessary you own! So choose a “go-over-everything” coat that sets you apart — and wear it over your favorite fashion-forward clothes.

This spring is the time to be courageous and even a bit outlandish. Experiment and have fun with your fashion!

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