Conquering Your Style - Jenifer Breaux


HFW Real Women, Real Style Campaign Style & Makeup: Liz Everett

Photos: Nina Haaskivi

Occupation: Travel Expert & Dream Vacations Pro

Location: Valrico, FL

5 Things in Jenifer’s Closet She Can’t Live Without:

A great hat!

I travel a lot and find myself in the sun. It keeps the sun off my eyes so I don’t miss the sights and shade on my face so I am protected.

A fabulous great watch!

My new favorite watch has a map of the world with an airplane on the minute hand. It reminds me of my passion and sharing my gift with others.

A handy pair of sunglasses.

I keep these in my closet so I can coordinate them with what I am wearing that day. The sun is bright where I live, but also my outlook on life is a positive one. It just starts my day off with a smile on my face.

A piece of my history.

I have a pashmina shawl that I received as a gift from a translator. It is easy to throw in a bag. I can pull it out when I am cold, or dress up an outfit. It has bright colors on it, so it compliments a lot of outfits. It’s lightweight and fits in my purse easily when traveling. 5) A colorful pair of sneakers. I do a lot of walking when I am traveling, but don’t want boring shoes. My favorite color is purple, so I bought a pair. I can wear this with my little black dress during the day with my hat for sightseeing and just add heals for a romantic dinner at night. Perfecto!

Talk about conquering your style, this 29 year army veteran is now rocking her second career as a travel expert, and dream vacation planning professional. Let me introduce you to Jenifer Breaux. This gorgeous mother of 2 exudes light, as well as joy everywhere she goes. It has been a privilege to give back to someone who gave so much of her life serving her country.

I recently asked Jenifer what her attitude was on style. I absolutely loved her answer! Jenifer said, “It is emerging. After retiring from the Army, to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing. I had a hat, and some shoes, but the missing component was what happened in between. I would cut pictures out of magazines of things I liked, but wasn’t sure how it related to me. I am a work in progress.” When Jenifer and I initially sat down for the first time a few months ago, Jenifer said she was ready to transition her style. I had no idea that she would be such an amazing butterfly.

First she clearly mapped out her busy daily schedule, which includes networking, client meetings, family time and so much more.  I always feel that you have to develop your personal style statement from a holistic perspective. That requires you to look at your schedule, what you want to achieve, the message you want to send to others, your personality, and the fun you want to have as you present this visual message to the world.

Jenifer is also, the dedicated, adopted mother of two amazing sons that both have autism as well. She and her husband, have truly committed their lives to building a business that allows them to be there for their family while also, helping others experience the world through travel. That being said one of the key elements for any amazing mom’s wardrobe is effortless, stylish versatility as she navigates, from work to family, and the plethora of responsibilities that scatter her calendar.

Time limitation being the stylish objective to conquer, we have begun building Jenifer a wardrobe that is both versatile and time efficient. One thing I loved from the beginning, was that Jenifer was willing to embrace her curves, and her brilliance.  Here are 3 things we have put as staples in her everyday wardrobe, that you can copy to help you begin building a wardrobe that gives you a winning edge as well. We started with searching for great fitting denim in few different styles. Then wrap dresses, and timeless pearls as well as blazers that she can throw over anything to jazz up her outfit.

Jenifer we salute you! Thank you for your service, and for being open enough to let us share your story with our readers. It is so important that women share with each other, because that vulnerability is what allows us to inspire each other to make a lasting change in our lives. I hope you see a phoenix rising in the story, and in each ‘Real Woman’ we feature.

The ‘Real Women, Real Style’ campaign is truly about women with a story. It’s about helping each of us realize that it is not too late to be our best selves. Through the Real Women, Real Style features I strive to teach women that is it important to begin celebrating everything we have overcome, embracing our strengths and spreading that message with fab-YOU-lous style. My goal, is always to a create visual narrative that empowers women of all ages see that they can be their best selves, no matter what. It’s time to Rock Life Like a Runway!

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