Embracing the Power to Change! Shekinah Monee


Real Women, Real Style Feature: Shekinah Monee Occupation: Celebrity & Fashion Public Relations, Perfect Vision PR

Location: New York City

5 Things in Shekinah’s Closet She Can’t Live Without:

  1. London Fog Trench Coat

  2. Little Black Dress

  3. Anne Klein Patent Leather Flats

  4. A Fabulous Cocktail Dress

  5. Gorgeous Black Heels

One of the hardest things any woman goes through is change! Especially when it relates to body image. Whether your body’s fluctuation is up or down, the challenge to keep finding the good in the situation can be a beast. This month’s Real Woman Feature is Shekinah Monee. She is a celebrity publicist and blogger in New York City. We sat down last month to chat about how being in the spotlight can affect your body image.

For most of us, the challenges we face in the personal image department seem daunting enough. However, when you pile on the pressure of the celebrity lane, that compounds the situation, and the expectation for perfection in many cases. Shekinah shared with me that over the last few years she have watched my body change, and at one point even suffered from depression. As a result of that depression she began to binge eat, which threw her into a downward spiral.

That plays on a woman’s confidence in general, but when you have to walk into the room at New York Fashion Week or a celebrity red carpet. That can really throw you for a loop. Shekinah said, “ Learning to love myself, embracing my challenges, and just focusing on being the best version of me has been the greatest gift.”

For Shekinah it’s all about showing women of all ages, and sizes that they can be beautiful in the spotlight. She is the Founder of Perfect Vision PR, which specializes in celebrity and fashion related public relations. Shekinah told me she loves to wear colors, and media prints. It has also helped her silhouette wise to focus on purchasing garments with higher quality fabrics. “It’s all about highlighting your assets, instead of your flaws,” she said.

One of the greatest offerings any woman can give herself, is the freedom to love who she is becoming. Like most women Shekinah’s battle with self-image, while it did present itself physically, was truly a mental battle. Shekinah said, “ I was literally giving people all of me, and becoming frustrated when they did not respond how I wanted. I left nothing for myself. Now I set aside time for me, if not daily to work on myself.”

She reminds all of us that you can only help others love themselves, if you are willing to first pour that love upon yourself.


Style & Makeup: Liz Everett  / Photos: Mach Hopper

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