Lori Bartlett


She is a Stylish Conqueror!February Real Women, Real Style Feature: Lori Bartlett

Location: Liberal, Missouri

5 Things in Lori’s Closet She Can’t Live Without:

  1. Skinny Jeans

  2. Black Leather Jacket

  3. Anything White House, Black Market

  4. Funky Booties

  5. Tory Burch Bags

How many of you can say you don’t look like what you been through? That is especially true for this month’s amazing Real Women, Real Style feature, Lori Bartlett. Almost 5 years ago, Lori’s life came to a sudden halt when she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. As a former Miss USA competitor, music minister, pharmacist and mother, like all of us Lori wears many hats.

The fatigue and pain of Lyme disease diagnosis became a constant plague.Through it all, Lori has kept her eyes on God.  Lori said, “Live for today. Do not carry the weight of tomorrow. Live like the sparrow, trusting God to provide.” I truly know that that is Lori’s attitude about everything she does. Her sparkling smile tells it all.


Lori’s attitude about style is a refreshing one. She is all about effortless appeal and boldness. As a mom she looks for pieces that are easy, yet still fabulous. She loves being able to shine her light again. In these photos, I hope you see a woman who has truly overcome. In my eyes, she is a stylish conqueror.

Having seen her walk through the pain and struggle, I know she loved the experience of being back in front of the camera. There is a new freedom in her step, and I want to share that each of you. As women we wear so many hats. We struggle behind the scenes, feeling like we are all alone, but the truth is that we are all style conquerors.


I say take a page out of Lori’s book. Remind yourself that your best is yet to come. Dress for it, go for it, and don’t stop until you are rocking life like a runway.

Photo Credit: Nina Haaskivi

Style & Makeup: Liz Everett