Stylishly Driven to Succeed! Stacey Schieffelin & Debbie Saviano


Occupation: Women’s Leadership Live Location: Orlando, FL & Wichita Falls, Texas

5 Ways to Look Great & Pack Light for Business Trips:

  1. Buy Fabrics That Don’t Have to Be Ironed

  2. Take Fun Accessories to Dress Up Your Outfits

  3. Invest in Quality Pieces

  4. Rock a Couple of Little Black Dresses

  5. Keep It Simple

Every month, I have the amazing honor of connection you with women all over the country that are changing the world and wearing amazing high heels while they do it. This month we have the incredible honor of featuring the amazing co-founders of Women’s Leadership Live. Stacey Schieffelin and Debbie Saviano, are two powerhouse business visionaries, that are gearing up to change main street America city by city.

Stacey has a background in business and product marketing, as she is also the founder of Your Best Friend Cosmetics. She has spent over 20 years on HSN, helping women all over the world get their gorgeous back. While Debbie, started out as an educator and is now changing the game as we social media strategist. Her workshops have been a catalyst for women entrepreneurs all over the country that are ready to elevate their brand’s social media.

We talked business and style, as we sat down after their shoot. Looking like the brand was a huge topic of our conversation. We also talked about making sure that you invest in clothing that gives you a great silhouette, and makes you feel both feminine, as well as powerful. It is a beautiful balance when it comes to dressing for success.

I asked them, how do you both look so amazing while you travel? They said, “We keep it simple!” I loved that answer. While they both have different style personalities, their philosophy is the same. It’s all about looking great, feeling comfortable, and being your best self. This is great advice for all of us.

One thing I also loved about both of these fabulous ladies, is that they were so comfortable in their own skin. You can tell that they truly focus on empowerment, as an opportunity to help others achieve their dreams. They are full of glitter, and brilliance. One minute with them is an inspiration. I love that they are living their best life, while their inspire the world.


Style & Makeup : Liz Everett Style

Photo: Jerny Morales