Styling on a Budget

d846889db67b4b0f956e3a5d77b85405 Educators also have to look their best whether it's strutting down the hall or giving a history lesson.

Two words that don't mesh well together are fashion and savings but there are a few ways to make them work before giving up ladies. There is no rulebook stating that teachers can have no fashion sense or be excited to buy a new wardrobe for the beginning of school but with these valuable tips you'll be voted "Best Dressed Teacher" in no time.

School Id Discounts Your credentials are for more than displaying your name and what subjects you teach. Go to retailers such as Ann Taylor and J. Crew to receive discounts for teachers but be sure to ask first if discounts are accepted.

Build on the Basics Using what you already have in your closet is a great way to refresh and recycle your back to school looks. Being creative and layering pieces together to update a basic white blouse or plain dress will give you the chance to create different styles everyday. Switching up your basics with different shoes, jewelry and even a cute handbag will go a long way.

Vintage Finds The slightest mention of "vintage" or thrifting can either be exciting or cringe worthy but don't fret for those who are leery just imagine the wonderful treasures hidden among those sales racks. A few neat tricks to try is running your hands along the clothing to feel the different fabrics, reading the labels to see the where the items were made and looking for designer labels.

Be Big and Bold with Accessories Who says you can't pull off the chunky bracelet, colorful scarf or sparkly earrings you've been obsessing over all week? Making these pieces work in the work place is what rocking your inner fashionista is all about missy. No need to go for broke when looking for these wonderful statement pieces, Forever21, Charlotte Russell, H&M and Wet Seal are the perfect stores for inexpensive buys.

Most Important Accessory of all don't forget that wonderful smile ladies, it always brightens the day!