Trend Trepidations

pencil skirtEvery season there are certain trends that rise to the surface in our vast fashion ocean.  This season let’s review the looks we should race to rescue, the fads we should let drift our way, and the trends we should sling to the sharks. “Fearless Fashions”- Fashion trends that we should embrace fully and try out with reckless abandon.

Big Hair.  You know the sayings, “Big hair don’t care.” and “The higher the hair, the closer to Heaven.”  There is a reason these sayings exist and it’s because big hair is fabulous.  There is not a single woman that big hair does not look good on.  You may be uncomfortable with a voluminous mane, but I promise it looks good on you.  Give it a shot and see how many compliments you get.  Don’t be afraid to tease your tresses! I highly recommend the Phillips Teaze brush; a fabulous little texturizing brush that creates a beautiful backcomb.

Fringe. Garments that move are fun, period. There are so many different ways to execute this trend that will work with your personal style.  It may be as simple as a pair of gold fringe earrings or as extravagant as a supple suede fringed coat.  Put a little movement into your wardrobe and you may just end up playing hooky from work to go on a dancing binge in your fringe.  What the hell, you only live once!

Chunky Glitter Nail Polish. I know, I know, you have your “color.”  It’s your signature pinkish neutral nail and it’s BORING.  Live a little and get your self a super fancy Mani in a striking metallic glitter that will turn heads wherever you go. No need to accessorize those fancy fingers, the polish is bling enough. Just try it, it’s not a commitment, it’s a manicure. 

 “Trend Trepidations” – Trends that we should be cautious with.  It takes a faultless frock to flatter your body type in order to pull these fashions off with ease and grace.

 Jumpsuits.  Everybody loves a sexy little onesie, but they are damn hard to pull off.  It took me two years of trying on every jumpsuit that I came into contact with in order to find the perfect suit for my body. This is not a place to bargain hunt; this is a place to invest.  Nothing is less flattering than a flimsy jumpsuit that gives you a camel toe.  In the case of a jumpsuit, avoid any shimmer in the design.  Stick to solid, sturdy fabrics with a classic cut and you will be able to accessorize any way your heart desires. But be warned, wearing a jumpsuit for a night out on the town is a commitment due to the difficult nature of getting out of that sucker in order to use the restroom.  If you need a buddy to get in and out of it, leave it at the store.

Elongated Pencil Skirts.  Short gals beware! Because of the delicate length of these new hemlines, they may make your legs appear shorter than they are.  These are the Capri pants of pencil skirts.   Girls with a pear shape should also proceed with caution, especially when dealing with an inexpensive fabric.  Depending on how and where these skirts hug our curves, we could be in for a sartorial disaster.  Fit and fabric is of upmost importance for this little fashion gem.

Metallic Fabrics.  Make certain that you place any metallic fabric only on the part of your body that you wish to bring the most attention to.  If you are super busty, perhaps a metallic skirt would be a flattering choice.  Please try to avoid looking like you have wrapped yourself in aluminum foil.  I believe that silver is the hardest of metallic shades to pull off.  It leaves most of us looking as colorless as Tilda Swinton on every red carpet.

“Apparel Abstinence” – The act of abstaining from fashion trends that will never work unless you are a fashion model in an editorial spread.

Ruffles.  Wearing a garment with too many ruffles will only leave you looking like a bulky, layered adolescent.  A frilly little rumple here and there will suffice.  If the garment includes bands upon bands of ruffled layers, pass it up or give it to your 6 year-old niece.

Socks with Heels.  The ONLY way that you can get away with this look is if you are, indeed, a supermodel in an editorial fashion spread or you are a six year old playing in mommy’s shoes.  Don’t touch this fashion movement with a ten-foot pole.  You will inevitably look ridiculous and your boyfriend will despise this look more than your high-waisted pants.

 Wedge Sneakers.  This particular look has already been around for too long.  Are you trying to be sexy or do you want to work out?  It’s confusing and nobody will ever know the answer to that question as long as a pair of wedge sneakers lives south of your ankles.  Don’t invest in this frivolous fashion.  If you already have, give them up unless you can run three miles in them without breaking your ankle.  Only then, can you keep these tapered tennis shoes.