Staying Fit this Fall

fitbit-charge-2-review-tapping-1475016482-rxj2-column-width-inlineWith the leaves now off the trees and nights getting colder and longer, it’s not hard to grab a snack after work or school and then sit on the couch the rest of the night. But is that really how you plan to spend the winter? If you need a little motivation to get moving (and who doesn’t!) there are some great wearables out there that not only keep track of your activity, but also create goals and reward you when you reach them.

Withings Go

Who knew keeping track of your activity could be so effortless or fun! Once you strap Withings Go to your wrist you’ll never have to take it off. Its battery lasts up to 8 months and it’s water resistant. Wear it in the shower, or even to track your laps in the pool.

Withings Go connects with your phone via Bluetooth where you can see the results of all your hard work. In addition, it’s compatible with 100+ of your favorite fitness apps. And if sleep is one of your goals, you’re in luck because this little powerhouse can also tell you how well you’ve been resting.

Fitbit Charge 2

Looking for a little more out of your fitness tracker? Then be sure to check out the Fitbit Charge 2. With continuous heart rate monitoring, you’ll know if you’ve pushed hard enough during your workout. Plus if you switch up your workout between running, biking or hitting the gym, you’ll get credit for what you did as this wearable can distinguish the activity all on its own. You’ll also get call, text and calendar notifications on its screen. And with five days of continuous use before you need a recharge, you’ll almost forget you’re wearing it.

Samsung Gear Fit 2

Looking for functionality and something a bit more fashionable? Then the Samsung Gear Fit 2 may be just your style. With its brilliant 1.5 inch curved AMOLED screen you’ll always know exactly how much you’ve been moving.

And speaking of moving, this wearable is smart enough to know when you’re walking, running or biking and then keep track of it automatically. It’s one thing to get notifications on your wearable, and another to be able to respond to texts, emails and app notifications – all while on your wrist.

Finally, if you like to leave your phone at home but still have access to music, simply download some songs to your wrist, connect a Bluetooth headset and you’re on your way.

Moto 360 Sport

Looking for a wearable that does everything? Then a smart watch is probably best for you! The Moto 360 Sport does it all – tracks your activity, monitors your heart rate, notifies you of incoming calls, texts and app notifications and lets you respond all via voice.

In addition, you can load up music to its memory and connect a Bluetooth headset to enjoy phone-free music while on the go.

Thanks to its Android Wear operating system, you have access to download additional apps that can make your life simple and more efficient.

When connected to your smartphone you have access to device updates as well which expand the wearable’s capabilities.