App-pealing Way to Get Your Children Outdoors

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During the school year there seems to never be enough time – practice, homework or figuring out what’s for dinner. Now that everyone is back to school, life seems to be overly scheduled with little time for fresh air and time to play. Here are some apps you can download for free to take a break from the hustle and bustle. All are compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Scavenger hunts are no longer a thing of the past thanks to the game of geocaching. Geocaches are hidden treasures that you can only find with clues – using an app or website. Open up the app and you’ll see where on the map there are geocaches in your area. Click on the dot and you’ll receive some hints. But it’s up to you to use your intuition to find it! Once at the site sign the logbook and let everyone know you’ve been there. Geocaching is a great way to get out and learn more about your community. And no matter where you’re located there’s bound to be a geocache near you!


How much free time would you like to fill? 10 minutes? Half day? You just open this app and let it know. Then it will come up with new and interesting suggestions. And the best part – all you need in order to participate is the app and your imagination.

Oh Ranger, ParkFinder

No matter if you’re in your backyard or far away from home, a park is far. But sometimes they can be hard to find. Open up this app and you’ll see where your nearest park is located. In addition, you can learn all about what there is to do, the best time to visit and even what to wear to be ready for the weather. This year is the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary. And if you’re out exploring America’s backyard, make sure to use this app to see all there is to offer.

Star Chart

If you’re at all interested in the night sky then you have to download this app. Choose augmented reality mode and point your phone at the sky and you’ll see the names of planets and stars in your field of vision. Not only that, but click on any of the planets, stars or constellations and you’ll see detailed pictures, how far away it is and even watch some of them move in real time.


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