About Hope For Women



We don’t just collaborate to celebrate women. We depend on one another. We pull on each other. We give of our time and energy, our hearts, and souls. From cover to cover, issue to issue, it’s clear that Hope for Women isn’t just on a mission to impact lives–we’re committed to doing life together! And while we realize doing life together isn’t always easy, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Meet the Editorial Team

Tenita Bestseller.jpg

Tenita Johnson 

Tenita collaborates with industry professionals to take manuscripts to the marketplace, positioning authors for success in the literary world. Well known by many as a human spell check, noun nerd and grammar police, she proudly wears the badge of honor to correct and serve.    


Natalie merrill 

Natalie is a huge sports fan and a sucker for romantic comedies. But she's never even been on a real date. She believe that anything matches if you wear it with confidence, and her goal in life is to live with boldness. Always.


nataleigh mosley

The girl with her nose in a book and a pen in her hand, NataLeigh is an IUPUI alumnus and the Editorial Assistant for Hope for Women magazine. She is passionate about using her writing to encourage others.